Vancouver Fire Department members who have died while on active duty buried at Mountain View

Driver John Smalley
No. 2 Fire Hall
Jun 5, 1893
Age: 25
Fell from an Engine enroute to a fire.
Fireman James Bryant
No. 3
Jun 29, 1914
Age: 26
Collapsed at hose drill
Fireman Albert D. Stewart
No. 3 Fire Hall
Sep 11, 1914
Age: 24
Fell down pole-hole at No. 3 Fire Hall.
Fireman Charles Milne
No. 6 Fire Hall
May 2, 1915
Age: 25
Thrown from chemical engine in collision with hosewagon.
Fireman Otis Fulton
No. 11
May 10, 1918
Age: 35
Thrown from hosewagon in collision with streetcar.
Fireman Donald Morrison
No. 11
May 10, 1918
Age: 33
Thrown from hosewagon in collision with streetcar.
Fireman William J. Cameron
No. 12
May 15, 1918
Age: 24
Struck by falling timbers at shipyard fire
Fireman Frederick Jenkins Jan 1, 1928
Age: 32
Fell from tower in No. 6 Fire Hall while hanging hose.
Fireman Herbert E. Ellis
No. 2
Apr 17, 1930
Age: 38
Fell from aerial ladder at drill.
Fireman Andrew H. Grant
No. 6
Oct 16, 1933
Age: 24
Collapsed at No. 6 Fire hall and died in hospital.
Fire Warden Lewis B. Taylor
F.W. Branch
Oct 20, 1942
Age: 54
Fell during fire inspection of CN Dock.
Fireman William M. Wootton
No. 18
Nov 13, 1943
Age: 27
Thrown from No. 19 Pump in collision with police car enroute to fire.
Fireman Reg Hill
No. 2
Sep 14, 1945
Age: 44
Burried in collapse of McMaster Building at third-alarm fire.
Lieutenant Eric R. Robinson
No. 17
Jun 26, 1947
Age: 49
Crushed under truck in collision with car enroute to fire.
Fireman Malcolm W. McPhatter
No. 2
Apr 7, 1949
Age: 29
Fell from Drill tower at No. 2 Hall.
Captain Gordon B. Watson
No. 18
Jan 1, 1964
Age: 55
Collapsed in pump returning to quarters after an alarm.
Fire Fighter Donald H. McCavour
No. 2
Mar 15, 1966
Age: 44
Died of injuries following collision of hosewagon with car enroute to 2nd alarm.
Captain Frederick C. Fisher
No. 21
Jun 21, 1982
Age: 51
Collapsed in fire hall at start of shift.
Fire Fighter Terrance P. O’Keefe
No. 7
Apr 9, 1988
Age: 46
Collapsed in fire hall on return from alarm.
Lieutenant O.B. ‘Bud’ Swanson
F.P. Branch
Jul 11, 1990
Age: 48
Collapsed while on fire Prevention Duties. #4 hall Dedicated in Memory of Bud.

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