William Templeton

[b. 1853 Belleville; arrived Vancouver (Granville) Jan. 4, 1886.; d. Jan. 16, 1898, Vancouver.]
William Templeton, a butcher, was part of the CPR clique which had benefited from the land grant given the company in exchange for making Vancouver its terminus. Despite his electoral victory, this affiliation aroused suspicion among the city’s working class, whose contribution to public life was on the rise.

Templeton is said to have been a bad political strategist with an aggressive personality. After failing to win a bid for mayor six years earlier (some say because of a slur he made on opponent David Oppenheimer’s accent), he did, however, serve as an alderman and later as school trustee. After losing his seat to James Garden in a bid for re-election, he purportedly committed suicide by taking an overdose of a sleeping potion.