Alexander Lucas

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Alexander Lucas was a Canadian businessman and politician. He was the seventh mayor of the town of Calgary, Alberta and spent six years as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) in British Columbia.

Lucas was born in Ontario in 1852, and was the third child of George Lucas and Elizabeth Cowan. On January 10, 1878, he married Jane Frances “Jennie” Tanner. Together, they had two children, Fredrick and Edward. Both of their sons became prominent lawyers in BC; Fred was appointed to the Supreme Court Bench of BC in 1935.

In 1886, Lucas moved to Calgary. Here he became a partner in a land, insurance and auctioning company. He was the publisher of the Calgary Herald and helped found the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has a room named in his honour. In 1891, he spent one one-year term as a town councillor. This was followed by two one-year terms as the mayor of Calgary. In 1894, he was elected as an alderman in what had now become the City of Calgary.

Lucas went to the Kootenay district of British Columbia in 1897. He later moved to the Vancouver. Elected in the British Columbia general election, 1909, he served two terms as an MLA in Premier Richard McBride’s Conservative government.

Lucas died on June 8, 1942.