Victoria Cross Winners

BEET, Harry C. VC              Abray -3 -5 -12  Victoria Cross recipient
KERR, John Chipman VC   Abray -5 -8 -12  Victoria Cross recipient
MacBEATH, Robert VC      Masonic 193 -6  Victoria Cross recipient
SHANKLAND, Robert        Cremation           Victoria Cross recipient

Robert McBEATH: (our records and his monument have the incorrect surname spelling of MacBeath.
The Vancouver Police have a great write up on their fallen heroes site.

John C. KERR: His cremated remains were interred in the same grave as Leslie Walter KERR [Abray, Block 5, Plot 6 Lot 9] Leslie died in 1942 at the age of 23. John died in 1963 at the age of 76. However, the marker for John C. KERR is placed on a different grave – Abray, Block 5, Plot 8, Lot 12. This lot was purchased in 1966 so that a marker could be placed for John Chipman KERR [cemetery rules at the time only permitted one marker per military grave]. In 1981, the cremated remains of Clarissa G. KERR were interred in this same grave where John C. KERR was commemorated.

Robert Shankland: His death certificate (typical with many other examples the Cemetery have encountered) references final disposition as “cremation” with “Mountain View Cemetery” identified as the cemetery. However, this only refers to him being cremated at the crematorium located within Mountain View cemetery. There is no information in their records, nor the cemetery’s, indicating that his remains were ever interred here. It is most likely that his cremated remains were returned to the family and taken elsewhere – quite possibly scattered as was common at the time.

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