The Hon. Lytton Wilmot Shatford

b.1873.02.04 in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, Canada
In the early 1900s Lytton Shatford and his brother ran a general store in the gold mining town of Fairview, near the present day Oliver, as well as the Shatford Mercantile Store in Hedley. They were one of the first residents of Hedley to build a permanent structure. In 1905, they went on to establish the Southern Okanagan Land Company the purchase of the Thomas Ellis property for $405,000. Thomas Ellis was the eldest son in a family of seventeen and arrived in Penticton in 1865. He became the first non-Native settler in Penticton. He started up a very successful cattle empire and was very influential in the growth of Penticton.

The Shatfords’ Southern Okanagan Land Company subdivided land from the Canadian/American border north for approximately 22 miles. The Company installed an irrigation system in the Vaseux Lake area. In 1918, the Provincial Government of British Columbia bought the property – 22,000 acres – for $300,000.00 for soldiers’ settlement purposes. The government also paid for the construction of an irrigation system: the Southern Okanagan Lands Project.

L.W. Shatford was first elected as a member of the Provincial Parliament in 1903 as a Conservative and held the riding until 1917. That year he was appointed to the sentate by prime minister Robert Borden. In 1913, the first Annual General Meeting of the BC Yukon Chamber of Mines elected Shatford president of the new organization.

Lytton Shatford died in office in 1920. In 1921, the city of Penticton opened the Senator Shatford school in his honour.

His daughter, Vera Victoria Shatford was a designer of home funishings and worked her adult life in various fine establishments, including Lord and Taylor in New York.

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