Caradoc Evans – the first burial at the cemetery

From the notes of JS Matthews, City Archivist, June 21, 1939

Mrs. David Evans, now, 1939, of Seattle, says that Hirschberg,* of Leland Hotel, (suicide) who died 28th Jan 1887, was NOT the first burial in Mountain View Cemetery, as his body and coffin were so heavy it could not be carried over fallen trees and branches lying around in wild profusion when the site was being cleared of forest. She says her little son Caradoc, aged 10 months, who died Feb 26th 1887, and his little coffin, were so light that, when it was proposed to bury it on the North Arm Road roadside, beside Mr. Hirschberg’s, that David Evans objected, and carried over tree trunks, etc to the highest spot of the ridge, and there interred it.

The exact location is 100 yards west of (Cemetery Road, or) Fraser Ave, and 10 yards south of old Bodwell Road, now 33rd East. The grave was afterwards surround with a fence of posts and chains, to be seen in photo No.P.Dist 4, between Alex McDonald’s cottage and the path leading towards the forest. The posts and chains were subsequently replaced with a marble tombstone, with the name “CARADOC” on top, and now, June 21st 1939, covered with ivy. The little grave was photographed, June 21st 1939, with Mrs. Evans beside it.

At the Cemetery

*Hirchberg was buried on the roadside (Fraser Ave), and no record is known to exist showing that his remains were ever moved and placed in the cemetery; it is most unlikely he ever was.

Update: Mr. Hirchberg was eventually buried in the cemetery in the Old section not far from Caradoc Evans.

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